USS Medea NCC-74796
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New Year - New Mission

Posted on Sun Dec 26th, 2021 @ 1:06pm by Captain Christine Applegate

Happy Holidays my dear Medea crew.

First off: Welcome back to Lt Jg Jhena Mires to Engineering! I was contacted last night that they wished to return, and their character has been reactivated! (And I will remove their LOA after the near year, but they can still post). They are also re-activated on Discord under Engineering. Solana, you have an underling.

Second: I'd like to get us moving again. That means all of us keeping up with posting. I won't fully enforce the posting requirements, as even I can't keep up right now. But I want everyone to have a least 1 post out in January, even if it is a joint post.

Your XO and myself will work on getting the new mission going once he's done with his 18 or so straight days of work without a day off (all of these being 3am-11am shifts too).

Otherwise, that's all I've got!



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