USS Medea NCC-74796

Captain Christine Applegate

Name Christine Ariel Applegate

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species 1/2 Human, 1/2 Betazoid
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color Medium Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Physical Description Shorter in stature than most but muscular.
Hair normally worn in half-ponytail unless exercising or in extreme circumstances.
Lighter than normal eyes for even a half-Betazoid.
Not often seen with makeup other than foundation and eyeshadow, unless the circumstances necessitate it.


Father Jason Applegate - Human, no Starfleet affiliation
Mother Aletta Applegate - Betazoid, no Starfleet affiliation
Brother(s) Daniel Applegate - 25 years younger than Tine, twin to Addison
Sister(s) Addison Applegate - 25 years younger than Tine, twin to Daniel
Other Family Cousin Kara Rohana-Blackwell - Starfleet Medical on Betazed

Personality & Traits

General Overview -Date of Birth: October 21st, 2349
-Place of Birth: Washington State, Earth

-Christine always goes by Tine (Teen), as it was her nickname growing up.
-Twin siblings are 25 years younger than she is.
Strengths & Weaknesses -Flirts occasionally when not appropriate, but has gotten much better at controlling it with age, especially after taking on a command position.
Hobbies & Interests -Stargazing without sensors.
-Creating holodeck programs, including training simulations.

Personal History Christine was born on Earth while her parents were visiting her father’s family instead of with her mother's family on Betazed as was originally planned when she was conceived. She grew up with traveling between Earth and Betazed, spending most summers with her grandparents at their home on Betazed with her cousins.

She went through mental training at a young age, though it was extremely difficult for her. Being the only half-Betazoid in the family to ever go through the training, they were unsure how to change it for her limited mental abilities.

Once she was finally old enough, she entered into Starfleet Academy, deciding to go into a science track. This was opposite of what her family wished, with most of the family being in some type of medical field.

Her Science interest grew, and she specialized in temporal mechanics and stellar cartography..

After completing the Academy, she applied for positions on ships instead of remaining on Earth. With the Dominion War still looming, she was accepted onto the USS Valiant as a Junior Science officer. She was granted a promotion the Lieutenant Junior Grade during her assignment on the Valiant.

Once the Dominion War ended, she was no longer needed in the position she held on board the Valiant. She was chosen for the USS Crazyhorse’s science department, and immediately started as a bridge officer and was part of the Stellar Cartography team.

With her work on the USS Crazyhorse, Christine was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. However, she felt a bit stifled on the ship and looked to see if there was another place for her while still performing her duties to the fullest on the Crazyhorse.

An Assistant Chief Science officer position was open on the USS Lionheart. Taking a chance, she put her name forward with her captain’s permission and was accepted into the roll by Captain Erika Rheyan under Lieutenant Commander Zachary Kuhns.

After a year on board, Kuhns left for a teaching job at Starfleet Academy, and Christine was appointed to the vacant Chief Science Officer position. The second officer position that he had vacated remained empty for more than a year before Captain Erika Rheyan asked if she would be interested in filling it. She accepted.

Captain Erika Rheyan soon decided to return to Earth as well to teach at the Academy, leaving the current Executive Officer, Commander Delphi Rune, in charge of the ship. Although still holding her positions on board the Lionheart as Chief Science and Second Officers, Christine was often pulled for first officer duties.

While in the Gamma Quadrant, Rune had found some information out about his past that he did not share with the rest of the crew. However, he locked himself in his quarters, leaving Christine as the temporary CO of the Lionheart. He, after a time, did take command back from her.

After several failed relationships and the Lionheart not feeling like a home anymore, Christine decided to see what else her future held. One ship seemed interested in her and her abilities and she was asked to transfer to the USS Ocelot with the rank of Lieutenant Commander and position of Executive Officer. She gladly accepted.

She learned quickly to be diplomatic, which was never her strong suit. It was one of the few times that she actually had to use her Betazoid abilities, with her commanding officer’s permission, to help. She never realized she had a knack for command until the Ocelot, having only ever wanted to do anything science previously.

Of course, to satisfy her science side, she took the random shift in the Ocelot’s Stellar Cartography, as there was no way to pull the scientific curiosity out of her. Christine’s work once again granted her a promotion, one she never saw coming, to Commander.

The Ocelot was recalled to Earth, and the crew was given the option of immediate reassignment, or remaining at Starfleet. Christine took the second option.

Christine was assigned to Starfleet Command, doing odd jobs for them while she honed her Command skills and went through additional training, including medic training. Her mind was now set on seeing if she had enough experience to find her own command.

Deciding not to rush anything, she found that she could assist in teaching eager cadets what it was like working on an actual ship in Stellar Cartography and some of the things she’d learned out in the field. It was best to learn from someone who had been there rather than just sitting in some classroom.

While teaching, Christine was made aware of a command of an Intrepid class ship, the USS Medea, set for the Delta Quadrant. This piqued her interest and she decided to put her name forward, finally feeling confident enough to apply for her own command. Starfleet Command granted her the position and she soon found how much work it was to gather a crew.

USS Valiant, Junior Science Officer
USS Crazyhorse, Science Officer
USS Lionheart, Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Lionheart, Chief Science Officer/Second Officer
USS Ocelot, Executive Officer
Starfleet Command & Academy, Earth
USS Medea - Commanding Officer

Medical History

Various minor injuries over her career
-Multiple sprained ankles
-Broken left arm during tactical training simulation
-Multiple concussions while on board her assigned ships
Survived "Contagion 50" which was targeted to all Betazoids and Betazoid offspring which occured on the USS Lionheart
-Details Classified
Artificial Vertebrae in lower back after injury.
Hit back directly on edge of a console after flying across the bridge.
Temporarily in hoverchair until fully healed.
Has occasional aches, but nothing major.
Service Record 2349 -- Christine is born on Earth in Washington state.
2367 -- Christine enters Starfleet Academy Science Division
2371-- Applegate graduates Starfleet Academy with a Primary Degree in Science, specializing in temporal mechanics and stellar cartography.
2371 -- Ensign Applegate is assigned to the USS Valiant as a junior science officer.
2373 -- Promoted to Lieutenant JG.
2376 -- Lieutenant JG Applegate applies for USS Crazyhorse Science Department after the Dominion War.
2376 -- Lieutenant JG Applegate is accepted and assigned to the USS Crazyhorse Science Department, Bridge/Stellar Cartography Team.
2377 -- Applegate is promoted to Lieutenant.
2378 -- Applegate is reassigned to the USS Lionheart as Assistant Chief Science Officer.
2379 -- Applegate is promoted to Chief of Science of the USS Lionheart.
2380 -- Applegate is promoted to Second Officer of the USS Lionheart.
2382 -- Applegate promoted to Lieutenant Commander and reassigned to USS Ocelot as Executive Officer
2385 -- Promoted to Commander.
2387 -- With the Ocelot’s return to Earth, Applegate went through additional training and assisted in teaching at Starfleet Academy Science Division.
2389 -- Applegate is assigned to the USS Medea as her Commanding Officer