USS Medea NCC-74796

Lieutenant Baktosh Redclaw

Name Baktosh Redclaw

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kzinti
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6’ 6”
Weight 230 lbs
Hair Color Orange/Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Baktosh Redclaw is very large and heavy, only slightly larger than his kind’s average. His fur is an orange/brown with black throughout. Large paws on his arms and legs are tipped with claws, though he has very fine control over his hands. His Starfleet uniform does not incorporate boots, though there are boots and gloves that are available should he need to go into hostile environments.


Spouse Maylis (35)
Children Kolahr (son, 16), Vayra (daughter, 14), Terra (daughter, 9)
Father Rehkhar
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Baktosh is part of Clan Redclaw, a very large and powerful clan in the Kzinti Patriarchy. However, he was disowned and cast out. He no longer maintains a connection to any in his clan.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Baktosh Redclaw is the strong, silent type. He will socialize with his crewmates, but it takes time for him to become social. He tries to be compassionate to his team members, something that the Kzinti Militia opposed but Starfleet encouraged. He misses his wife and children deeply, but they all understand his need to serve in Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Physically very strong, especially in his upper body.
+”Intolerance for intolerance”. Growing up seeing the injustice set upon the women of his species, he hates any kind of prejudice or intolerance of any group by another.
+Keen eye for detail and patience to exploit those details (something many Kzinti warriors lack)
+Intense curiosity

-His “intolerance for intolerance” may push him to say or do things against his better judgment, or possibly even against orders.
-Has a difficult time integrating into a new crew.
-Misses his wife and children.
Ambitions In the short term, Baktosh wants to continue serving aboard starships in Starfleet and make the Galaxy a safer place for all.

In the longer term, Baktosh wants to see change on his homeworld, specifically gender equality.
Hobbies & Interests Baktosh spends a lot of time training his body and his mind. He exercises, trains in weapons, and practices on holodeck programs of the bridge or a starship armoury. He also reads a lot, enjoying almost any book of any genre. He is also very curious and loves to explore new places.

Personal History Pre-Starfleet History:
Baktosh was born into Clan Redclaw on the planet Kzin, homeworld of the Kzinti Patriarchy. He never knew his mother, as most Kzinti women were thought of as mindless animals. Instead, his father took his away to be raised and educated among his clan.

Baktosh never understood his people’s views on women. He read about how, among other species, members of all sexes and genders were considered equals, though was told that such thoughts were incorrect on his world. Having never met a female from his own species, he wanted to interact with one, to actually confirm what he had been told his entire life.

A very curious child, at age 13 he started exploring the forests outside the capital city, where he stumbled upon a hidden enclave made up of women who escaped the torments of their overlords. Baktosh saw them as exactly equal to the males in virtually every way (they were perhaps slightly smaller physically). Over the next few years, Baktosh visited this enclave many times, each time learning a bit more. Centuries earlier, Kzinti women were known to become mindless at peak fertility. In a move to assert dominance, male-led society began administering drugs to the women which kept them at peak fertility and reduced mental faculties, allowing the men to trade the women like slaves. Occasionally, and often with help from an organized Resistance, the supply of the slaver drug was cut off and their faculties returned, allowing them to escape. They hoped for an eventual uprising and a culture change to permit gender equality.

One woman he met at the enclave was Maylis, with whom he started a friendship and then a romance. Such feelings were new to any Kzinti, but he was enjoying exploring those feelings with someone.

At age 16, as with all males, Baktosh entered the Military Academy. He was a ferocious fighter with a sharp mind. He became very proficient in advanced weapons, including hand phasers and starship tactical systems, but often preferred using his own claws. When possible, he still secretly visited the enclave. At age 18, shortly before graduation, he married Maylis, and she birthed him a son, Kolahr. They agreed that she would raise their child.

From 2374 to 2378, Baktosh served multiple posts in the Kzinti Militia, as a ground combat specialist or a starship combat expert. The Kzinti Patriarchy remained neutral in the Dominion War, and so most battles were fought against local enemies. While on shore leave, he saw his growing family and fathered a daughter, Vayra.

In 2378, the Militia learned about the existence of the hidden enclave and sent in a small scouting party to best plan its destruction. Baktosh was second in command and stood against his leader. He refused to permit the enclave to be destroyed. He killed his commander in single combat, wiped out the scouting party, and hijacked their landing craft. Most of the enclave residents fled to other Resistance bases on Kzin, but Baktosh’s family left the planet with him. They took the ship into Federation territory, evading fire from Militia vessels as he did so. While escaping, Baktosh was badly injured and his ship almost destroyed. His vessel was picked up by the USS Lexington, whose Captain granted Baktosh and his family asylum. They chartered passage to Earth, where they resided for two years to recover and rebuild their lives among more tolerant people. During that time, they had a third child, another girl, Terra, after their new home.

Starfleet History:
After two years on Earth, Baktosh, now having taken the legal name Baktosh Redclaw, began feeling restless. His life was spent in military service, and without that service he was unhappy. He applied to Starfleet Academy and trained over the next four years to be a security and tactical officer.

Upon graduation, Baktosh was assigned a position aboard USS Saturn, where they patrolled the Raeyan Transit Corridor. He proved himself as a strong fighter who retained a sharp mind and an eye for details. He did, however, receive two citations, both during shore leave on colony worlds, for injuring Ferengi merchants who were abusing their women staff or harassing women customers. He regrets nothing from those incidents.

During this time, Maylis has established a nongovernmental organization aimed at helping Kzinti women escape slavery within the Patriarchy. She has become one of the louder advocates for Kzinti women’s rights in the Federation. Because of her efforts and the efforts of her children, a small Kzinti town has been founded in central Canada on Earth, populated by those their work has freed.

Eventually he was promoted to the Assistant Chief role in the security and tactical department, and in 2389 was transferred to USS Medea to head their security and tactical teams.
Service Record 2372-2374: Kzinti Military Academy

2374-2378: Soldier, Kzinti Militia

2378-2380: No service. Spent this time recovering and helping his family settle on Earth.

2380-2381: Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Freshman Cadet)

2381-2382: Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Sophomore Cadet)

2382-2383: Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Junior Cadet)

2383-2384: Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Senior Cadet)

2384-2388: Security/Tactical Officer, USS Saturn (Ensign)

2388-2389: Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Saturn (Lieutenant jg)

2389: Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Medea (Lieutenant)