USS Medea NCC-74796

Lieutenant JG Luke van Goens

Name Luke van Goens

Position Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Wed May 27th, 2020 @ 1:37am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 1.71 m
Weight 70
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Athletic, toned. Prefers a three-day beard


Spouse -
Children Not that he knows.
Father Rijckloff van Goens Sr.
Mother Greetje van Goens
Brother(s) Rijckloff van Goens Jr. (age 38)
Sister(s) Esther van Goens (age 40)
Other Family A bunch of kids from his siblings that he doesn't particularly like.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Luke van Goens is a quiet and pensive character. He is not quick to show his emotions and always tries to look at things with an open and objective mind and not jump to conclusions too fast.
Other people would call him distant. Luke would merely say that he is very selective in the people he chooses as his friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses He has an analytical mind and is very observant.

Sometimes regarded as cold because he doesn't seem to be emotionally affected by tragedy. This can be traced back to his teenage years when the Dominion war was in full swing, and so much death and destruction happened in the galaxy, that at one point it no longer had much of an impact on him. Luke himself sees this as a plus, however, it does make for awkward situations when Luke feels he should emotion and empathy when a situation calls for it, because he doesn't really know how to show it.
Ambitions Books, videogames, writing, travelling.
Especially fascinated by pre-colonial and colonial Asia, a continent on the planet Earth.
The history of cultures and civilisations in general
Hobbies & Interests Books, videogames, writing, travelling.
Especially fascinated by pre-colonial and colonial Asia, a continent on the planet Earth.
The history of cultures and civilisations in general

Personal History Luke was born into a civilian family on Earth. He grew up in what used to be called the Netherlands a few centuries back. His father was a dentist, his mother a loving housewife. Luke's family was "bound to Earth", as his father had once said. While trips to London or Paris were commonplace, the family never left their planet's atmosphere. "There was plenty to do and see at home", his mother had once said.

There was no exploration sense of the interstellar kind in his family. As for his siblings, his brother and sister went to school, found jobs, spouses and started a family of their own.

In that sense, Luke was the oddball in the family, the only one to look up to the stars at night, wondering at what lay ahead. The only one who got bored at having to spend another weekend on their uncles campsite in Southern France. He ached to go further. In fact, when Luke signed up for a school outing visit the Borobodur temple in Indonesia, it might have been the first time any of his family had gone beyond the confines of the European continent. That was why Luke was always reading books and watching shows about far way planets, species and civilisations. He figured that if he couldn't go to the universe, the universe would have to come to him.

As he reached his teenage years, he grew more distant from his family, who he felt were so very limited in their way of life and in their ambitions. Unfortunately the Dominion War happened, and Luke, still only being a teenager, was kept on a tight leash by his parents. They figured that living in a rural area of little significance may keep out the horrors of the Dominion War. True enough, they were right. War never came to them, at least, not in the direct sense. Every day the holoscreen showed the gruesome scenes that come with intergalactic warfare and the loss of life.

It was an ambiguous time for Luke. There he was, safe and sequestered in that little overlooked corner of Earth, while literally the entire galaxy was on fire. At one point he noticed he no longer grew sad, or angry, or scared from the images shown to him. They were part of daily life, of things that happened far away. Sometimes he felt that maybe he should try and help out, but any discussion with his parents was ended with the statement that he was too young, that he should wait and help to rebuild after the war was over.

The closest the war ever came was when the Breen attacked Earth. Some major cities were laid in ashes, but not any city near him. An aunt, who lived in Madrid, had gotten injured when the alarms sounded and everyone had run to the city shelters. That was it. He was lucky. His schoolmates weren't. They lost fathers, mothers, brothers, aunts and uncles. Almost every other day he would see one of this class mates in tears over some tragedy in outer space that had befallen someone they knew.

But then the war came to an end, and Luke was finally old enough decide his own fate. With years of reading about far away places and alien civilisations, Luke applied for Starfleet Academy. He was quickly accepted, not only were new recruits badly needed in Starfleet, Luke had excellent grades. He majored in Xenoarchaeology and Interstellar Anthropology and graduated Starfleet Academy with honours.

In the years that followed, Luke was posted to various planets and stations. Almost always as part of some archeological dig or a research project. The postings never lasted more than a few months and the postings were never at the same place. Luke loved it. He travelled the galaxy, uncovering ancient secrets buried in the ground, or writing Introduction manuals on newly encountered species.

But now Starfleet has given him new orders to report to the USS Medea in the Delta Quadrant. This was going to be a posting meant to last, a posting far away from everything he knew.

Reading the orders on his padd. Luke smiled, and started to pack up his things.

Service Record Starfleet Academy, Majored in Xenoarchaeology and Interstellar Anthropology.
Graduated with honours

- Posted on Betazed to join in an archeological dig near the capital.

- Posted on Bajor to assist in a project to digitise ten thousand scrolls written about the Prophets, recently discovered locked in a sealed off vault in an ancient temple

- Posted on the USS Moonshine for a First Contact mission in the Beta Quadrant.

- Various other postings

- Posted on the USS Medea in the Delta Quadrant