USS Medea NCC-74796

Lieutenant JG Jhena Mires

Name Jhena Viiar Mires

Position Computer Systems Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Sat Sep 14th, 2019 @ 10:37pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 170cm (5ft 7inch)
Weight 62kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown / Bronze
Physical Description Slender but fit female. Agile but not strong per se. Has crescent shaped Trill markings. Wears her long hair down when not on duty, and up in a pony tail or with a hair clip when on duty.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Yinud Mires
Mother Vadrin Mires
Brother(s) Inu Mires
Sister(s) Kesa Mires
Lani Mires
Other Family Close family friend:
Lieutenant Icrus Eisan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Highly gifted woman. Specialises in technical departments like engineering, computer (programming) and sensors.
Strengths & Weaknesses Very good with technology, not so much in social situations. Likes AI over humans since she knows how she can find out what makes them tick.
Ambitions Has always been good at working with computers, but has developed an interest in astrophysics since she left earth. Is fascinated by knowledge and finds learning and developing important aspects of life.
Hobbies & Interests Interested in computers, AI and holographics. Loves reading, and running (to stay fit and clear her mind).

Personal History Jhena was born 27 years ago on Trill as the first child of her parents. At a young age, the family often had to move due to her father’s job as a federation liaison and his wish to have his family around.

The moving meant Jhena had a hard time making friends. And although one of the core values within the federation is acceptance and tolerance of other cultures and races, this was not what she experienced in day-to-day life. Being the only Trill in her classes she was often ridiculed for her appearance and, at a later age, also for the misconceptions and prejudices about the relationship between Trill and their ‘worms’. And in the rare case that she did make a friend, they often had to move again which meant she lost touch with them.

Not having many social contacts meant that she enjoyed being by herself. She enjoyed reading fiction stories which would take her mind away to fantastical places where things were better and she could be anyone or anything she wanted to be. This fantasy she later used for writing stories of her own.

When she was 5 years old, her younger brother Inu was born, and 3 years later the twin sisters Kesa and Lani. The birth of the twins did not go well. Her mother barely survived complications at their birth and it took almost a year for her to fully recover. Wanting to spend more time with his family, her father requested a posting which did not require him to travel much. He transferred to Starfleet headquarters on Earth and the family moved with him to California. While he was away at work, Jhena took care of the family which created a strong bond between them.
After her mother recovered Jhena started to attend school on Earth at the age of 10. Being exceptionally bright meant she was placed in classes with older children, which did not help her already difficult time making friends. Her favorite subjects at school had to do with computers, AI and holograms. In her first year she fantasized that the female voice of the computer was her best friend, until she discovered how to programming which allowed her to actually create her own friend, Siani.

Her interest in computers was noticed by a friend of the family lieutenant Icrus Eisan (human) who thought computer sciences at Starfleet academy. With his help and with her father’s contacts Jhena applied to Starfleet academy at age 15. Unfortunately, due to the rules, she could not join until she turned 18. Icrus offered to tutor her in the meantime. She also got a spot as an intern at Oakland’s Fleet Yard.

When she finally turned 18 she got accepted to Starfleet academy. She excelled at the technical courses in the curriculum, but struggled with the social aspects of the academy. She did all right in classes which required social skills, such as diplomacy or communication skills, by mimicking other students but actually working with others in group assignments was really difficult for her. Often she’d finish entire assignments by herself and let others take credit for her work, just so she wouldn’t have to deal with group dynamics.

At age 21 she graduated with honors from the academy, which was when she had to choose how would continue her career. Due to the closeness to her family and her general reluctance/dislike for the unknown she chose to take a post at the Oakland Fleet Yards as Engineer apprentice. The job did not offer much challenge for Jhena, but at least she could continue living near her family. Both at her senior officer (lieutenant Na’thir) and father tried to convince her to aim for a bigger career, but it was her mother that got through to her. Inspired by a personal story from her mother she applied to the Trill initiate program at age 22.

Jhena met other Trill in the program, most with vastly greater ambitions than her own. They spend several months together. This was the first time in her life that Jhena spend time with other Trill. She experienced that she could bond with these people, making her less of a social pariah. By the end of the program she actually made some friends, Neesa Rauees, Lissia Nauves and Vimia Tiirs.

When she returned home, she noticed that the experienced had changed her and given her more energy. At work she noticed that she had trouble settling back into her small role and the trivial work she had to do.

At age 24 Jhena applied for the role of Engineering Apprentice at the Earth Spacedock, which she got. It was a huge step for Jhena to get out of her comfort zone although the work here was still not very challenging. Her skills were quickly noticed by her senior officers and about 6 months after her arrival she got offered a position as Engineering Officer on the Science vessel USS Arcadian (Miranda Class) to the Gamma Quadrant on a 9-month mission. Although it was tough leaving her family behind and she still struggled with social contacts, she was exhilarated by the new experience.

When the USS Arcadian returned to earth Jhena was offered her position back at the Spacedock, but declined the opportunity as she was looking for a new challenge. The Chief Engineer, Audrey Sarchet (human) and second officer Skye Meakin (human) both wrote excellent recommendation letters and through their contacts she found a position on the USS Syracuse (Nova Class) where she joined as Engineering Officer. Their mission in the Gamma Quadrant lasted well over a year during which she temporary held the position of assistant chief engineer (for 3 months) when the position due to an incident on an away mission which severely injured her superior officer. After the replacement assistant chief engineer arrived she returned to her duties as Engineering Officer, but was rewarded the rank lieutenant junior grade for her services.

Upon returning to the Alpha quadrant, Jhena received word from the Symbiosis commission that she was selected for the joining process. Her parents and siblings were very proud of this honor. Although she herself was honored to be chosen, she had some reservations about going through with the process. She had applied years ago when she was living on earth partly to make her life more meaningful. The experiences of the last 2 years since leaving earth had already changed her life quite a bit. Although she had her doubts, she decided to go through with the joining. She joined with the symbiont called Viiar, who had requested her as the new host. Viiar’s previous host, Irial ‘Viiar’ Gragox had been one of the field docents assigned to her during the initiation program. It surprised Jhena that Viiar had requested her specifically, as she and Irial had not got along well during their time together. Irial was a very extrovert person, not only enjoying social gatherings but also being a prominent presence at them. Although Jhena and Viiar where not an obvious match for the commission members, they had decided to grant Viiar’s request.

It’s been six months now since the joining. Although the procedure went well, Jhena is still adjusting to her new situation. Jhena herself has noticed that her symbiont is not as dominant as she had expected, though people in her inner circle have noticed the difference. Although her own doubts about social encounters are still very much present, she is more open to meeting new people and experiencing new situations.

Jhena has decided not to share information about the joining with many people as she feels it is a very personal affair. So far only her family knows about her change. She had taken a leave of absence from Starfleet after her mission on the USS Calypso was completed due to personal reasons. She will share the information with Starfleet medical, but is unsure who else she will tell.

Recently Jhena has spoken to her Skye Meakin, the second officer of the USS Arcadian. She had heard that an old colleague of her, Christine Applegate, which who she had served on USS Lionheart, has been granted her first command on the USS Medea (Intrepid Class) and was looking for capable people to join on its mission in the Delta Quadrant. The mission will focus on exploration and science, but might involve diplomacy with new races as well. Jhena was very excited by the information she had received from her former colleague, which caught her by surprise. But she is eager to get back to work and has applied for the position of Computer Systems Specialist. She is very eager to learn, about the Delta Quadrant, but also about herself.
Service Record 2362 -- Jhena is born on Trill
2377 -- Jhena applies to Starfleet Academy at age 15. Gets denied due to the minimum age of 17. Builds her own holographic learning program with family friend lieutenant Icrus Eisan.
2380 -- Jhena joins Starfleet academy
2383 -- Jhena graduates the Engineering course at Starfleet academy with top grades.
2383 -- Jhena starts work at the Oakland Fleet Yards as Engineering apprentance.
2384 -- Jhena applies for the Trill initiate program and spends a year going through training.
2386 -- Jhena gets accepted to work at the Earth Spacedock as Engineering apprentance.
2386 -- Jhena transfers to the USS Arcadian (Miranda Class) where she starts as Engineering Officer for a 9 month mission in the Gamma Quadrant.
2387 -- Jhena Joins the USS Syracuse (Nova Class) where she starts as Engineering officer but gets a temporary promotion to Assistant Chief Engineer after their current one is gravely injured while on an away mission. She is replaced after 3 months. Gets promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
2389 -- Jhena transfers to the USS Medea as a Computer System Specialists, hoping to learn more about astrophysics while in the Delta Quadrant.

Private history (only known by Jhena and her family):
2388 -- Jhena is joined with the symbiont Viiar.