USS Medea NCC-74796


Mission 7: God Complex

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The Shakii send a distress signal when the obelisk they've discovered on their planet may be responsible for a massive plague event. But when the USS Medea answers the call an uninvited guest shows up... Q.

Mission 6: Shore Leave

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The USS Medea has returned to the Starbase, and the entire crew is receiving some much needed shore leave. Whether it is relaxing on the Starbase, going back to visit family, or whatever it may be, the time has come to be away from duty for a while.

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Mission 0 - Welcome Aboard

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Mission 0.5: The Shakedown & Flight

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Mission 1: Epatha Gateway

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Mission 2: Orbiting the Blue

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Mission 3: Negotiations

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The USS Medea has been assigned to mediate a trading dispute between two races in the Delta Quadrant. They have chosen a neutral site after beaming representatives aboard the ship. Captain Christine Applegate and a small security detail beam down to the planet to find an appropriate spot. When she is beamed back to the ship, while security remains on the surface, something goes horribly wrong. Captain Christine Applegate is beamed back to the ship as a 2 year old girl and it's up to the crew to mediate the dispute and find a way to return their Captain to normal...

Mission 4: Strange Happenings

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The Medea is headed back to the Starbase after much time having been away. Along the way, odd little things: sonic showers, replicators, that type of thing, start to act up. Nothing seems connected, just items that need repaired. But slowly, it starts to happen on the bigger systems. What has caused it?

Mission 5: Research Team - Missing in Action

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A research team goes missing while studying the rocky world of Binides, where giant avians are at the top of the food chain, and the crew of the USS Medea is called upon to find out what happened to them. Upon arriving, the small research station which had been set up for the research team had completely disappeared along with the team itself. A strange and unknown signature is left at the small stations coordinates. The Medea and her crew must solve the mystery of the missing research team and their station and find out who or where the unknown signature has come from...