USS Medea NCC-74796

Girl's Night

Posted on Sun Feb 27th, 2022 @ 4:02pm by Captain Christine Applegate & Lieutenant Commander Zayn Satu M.D.

Mission: Mission 6: Shore Leave
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: 2389 235 at 1800

It had been a loooooong time since Satu had spent any time with Tine and she was missing her other best friend. Thus, the idea was formed to have a girl's night out on the station. The problem now was deciding on what to wear. While Tine may be taken, Satu definitely wasn't and if she played her cards right, she might make a new friend that night to help take her mind off the improper thoughts she'd been having of late.

"No, no... not this one... that green is noooot my colour," she said softly to herself, tossing the dress to the side. "Hmm... black or red..... black!" She said finally, holding up a nice, simple, backless halter dress with a swishy skirt. Once that was decided, she chose a nice pair of low heels to complete the outfit.

Finally, she set out to collect Tine from her quarters. She got a few looks as she passed both crew and maintenance staff in the corridors, but she ignored them. She had a mission to accomplish and she wouldn't be deterred from showing her best friend a good time to help them both de-stress from the last mission.

When she arrived at Tine's door, she pressed the chime and waited to either be joined in the corridor or allowed entrance.

Christine was attempting to figure out what to do with her hair. She'd do it more fancy later, as she had a certain someone to meet up with, but for now, she couldn't even figure out something simple. Grumbling at herself, she glanced to the door as the chime went off. "Come in," she said before looking back towards the mirror.

Walking through the door, Satu grinned at Tine. "You look stunning! What're you doing with your hair?" The question came out more confused than she'd intended.

"I wish I knew, Satu. I can't get it to cooperate, no matter how hard I try. I never have this much trouble with it normally."

"That's because you're trying too hard," Satu said with a giggle before going up beside her friend. "May I?"

Lowering her hands, Tine nodded, "Go for it. I don't even know why I'm trying so hard. I have someone, where as you...well...I'm not sure where you stand anymore."

"Single as single could be," Satu said with a shrug. "But that's ok, because it means I can have fun flirting without getting in trouble," she giggled as she finished her sentence. Then, she moved behind Tine and ran her fingers through her hair, straightening it a bit. "Tilt your head to the side," she added as she applied gentle pressure to indicate which way she wanted Tine to tilt.

Then she did a simple braid on the right side of Tine's head starting from the temple and going to the back, before making her tilt her head to the right and doing another braid on the left. Once both braids were done, she pulled the rest of Tine's hair into a messy bun with the braids tucked in. "There. Simple, but elegant."

Looking in the mirror as Satu worked, Christine smiled. "Thank you. And yes, that means you can flirt. I...can watch you flirt and giggle at you." She eyed her heels and then shook her head, "Nope, not happening. Where are my flats?"

"You can dance with me and make all the others jealous too," Satu said with a mischievous grin. "Not like Ian will be very upset to learn you were dancing with me."

"I suppose not, but depending on how many Starfleet people are there, I'm just glad that I won't be in uniform and showing my rank."

"Oh come on, it's not like we'll be dirty dancing!" Satu laughed and shook her head. "Normal dancing, no grinding or sexual stuff. Because then Ian will be jealous that he didn't get to watch this." Her grin turned quite devilish.

Tine returned the grin. "Maybe I'll find him after some dancing?" She shook her head, "So, I take it you have the perfect place for all of this?"

"Yes... dance with your man..." Satu said with an impish grin. "And of course I have the perfect place for all of this! I've spent the last two hours researching the clubs and bars on this station. Not that there are many, but enough for some serious thinking."

"I suppose I follow you then. And then after, go off towards Ian's." Christine simply shook her head. "I never once thought I'd be involved with my first officer...yet here we are. Shipboard relationships are hard to avoid out here."

"Hmmm... apparently everyone thinks I'm in a relationship with Baktosh and am off limits," Satu frowned as she led the way out of the quarters. "So no fun for me," she added as she led the way out of Tine's quarters and to their destination.

Raising an eyebrow as she followed, the captain shook her head. "Baktosh is married...though given the way gossip flows on any ship, it happens. Maybe you can show them you aren't off limits somehow."

"It's because of how close we are and the movie nights. People don't recognize platonic love anymore, they think everything is romantic." She shook her head and sighed. "But, I definitely plan on showing them that there's nothing going on between Baktosh and me and that I am not off limits." This statement was followed by a semi-wicked grin.

"Just be careful, Satu." Tine warned as they headed out. "Some people might take advantage of that, and we likely will be having some drinks."

"I am always careful, and shan't get too drunk as to not know what I am doing," she said genuinely. "Don't worry, Tine, I'll be ok. I just need to have some fun and blow off some steam..."