USS Medea NCC-74796
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Reunited, Part 3 of 4

Posted on Fri Feb 25th, 2022 @ 12:51am by Lieutenant Baktosh Redclaw

Mission: Mission 6: Shore Leave
Location: Baktosh's Quarters
Timeline: 2389 234 at 1155

The Chief of Security's quarters were in shambles.

Furniture had been knocked over. Bedding had been torn. The room would need the Quartermaster to supply a new mattress. Possibly a new bedframe.

Let it never be said that the Kzinti were not a people of passion.

Neither Baktosh nor Maylis had gone quite that long without seeing each other. The Security Officer's first assignment was mostly spent deep within Federation territory. They were in orbit of Earth every month or so. Also, his wife's travels took her along a path that often crossed theirs.

And now he was so far from Federation territory, regular contact with his family was impossible. Even subspace messages were tricky, needing to take the form of video or text messages and not real-time communication. So any opportunity to reconnect physically (as it were) was taken with gusto.

Now, some time later (neither was certain exactly how long, but they knew their kids were in good hands), they lay in each other's arms on the scratched-up mattress.

"I have something of a confession," Baktosh said as he lay still.

"You couldn't wait, so you used the holodeck," Maylis said, her voice a monotone that revealed not that she was disappointed, but that she found it amusing. She looked up at her husband and grinned. "I'm honestly surprised you haven't had to do so earlier, Baktosh."

"You're not angry?" he asked.

"Husband, we're exploring a new frontier for our people in many ways," she explained. "Few Kzinti men have ever left the Patriarchy; left a setting where their biological urges can be met by a walk to their ship's slave pit. I've spoken to those few Kzinti who joined Starfleet before you. They told me that they used holodecks or went home often."

He looked into his wife's eyes. He shouldn't have been amazed by her graciousness over this. In his mind, he'd been weak. But here she was, tolerant and even encouraging it...he squinted his eyes at her. "What else?"

She grinned sheepishly. "We're also exploring the limits of female Kzinti tolerance, Baktosh. I have a reservation at a holosuite every second week."

That made Baktosh laugh out loud. He had to sit up, his belly aching as the hilarity of the situation permeated his body. Here he was, worrying that he had betrayed his wife. Meanwhile, not only did she understand, she had her own coping mechanism. “Would’ve been nice of you to tell me!”

She joined him in laughing. There were no secrets between these two. She was comforted to know that he understood that her not having mentioned it before wasn’t out of secrecy or malice. Just bad timing. “So feel free to use the holodeck as you see fit, husband of mine,” she said, her laughter finally subsiding. “I do have one request though.”

“Anything,” he replied.

“Not her.”

Hairs along Baktosh’s spine stood on end. Those two words hit like a punch to the gut. He wondered silently how she knew. Or whether she was jealous or worried or otherwise had a problem with the person she was talking about. And he knew exactly who she was talking about.

Zayn Satu was his best friend. She had been since he came aboard the ship. They had connected over some shared interested and enjoyed each other’s company. Lately he found his eyes wandering, checking out her incredible body. His fantasies suddenly began involving her. Just three days ago, it had culminated when he had sex with a holodeck re-creation of her. The entire situation had made him awkward around her, which was the biggest shame of all. He missed her friendship and her company. And now he found out his wife didn’t approve.

“How did you know?”

“Your last few letters mentioned her less,” Maylis explained. “Something strange happened, I’m sure of it. She’s gorgeous and you have the right to a fantasy life. I’ll never tell you who you can or can’t think about. And anything prior to today is forgiven. But let’s keep those holodeck re-creations to people we don’t actually know.” She rolled over and gently kissed her husband in the human way. Lips (such as they were) gently on his. A simple, albeit learned, expression of love and trust.

Broken only by a comm signal.

“Security to Redclaw.”

The chief broke the kiss and sighed. “Go ahead.”

“It, ah, might be time to collect your children, sir.”

“Daddy!” a young, excited voice said through the comm system. “I made the warp core all bright and fast!”

Baktosh winced and got onto his feet. “I’ll be right there.” He began to put his uniform on as Maylis also dressed. “No rest this holiday, is there?”

“Has there ever been?” she jested.

“I suppose not.”


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