USS Medea NCC-74796
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Late Nights

Posted on Sun Jan 23rd, 2022 @ 12:59am by Lieutenant Commander Ian Ryan

Mission: Mission 7: God Complex
Location: Bridge|USS Medea
Timeline: 2389 240 at 0500

It was coming towards the end of yet another late night on the bridge of the USS Medea. Ian still had thoughts about the Captain swirling around in his head. He was watching the viewer while also reviewing a crew evaluation report that he'd spent much of the night working on. And it was in this moment that Ian realized just what the ancient Earth phrase "red eye" really meant.


Ian yawned because he was realizing that he had been drifting off while reading. He rubbed his eyes and attempted to refocus his attention onto the PADD that was in his hand.

"Commander Ryan," Ensign Ramirez said for a third time.

Ian looked at the cup of coffee that he'd replicated earlier in the night and realized it was cold. He really could use some of that since there was two more hours left in the shift. He wouldn't volunteer to pick up for the Officer of the Deck again. At least Ian knew the Captain was going to let him sleep after this. He grinned like a child again when he thought about the Captain.

"COMMANDER RYAN!" Ramirez shouted.

Ian jumped, "What?" He asked, "Who... Where?" Then he looked at the Ensign at the operations station across the back corner of the bridge. "Sorry, Ensign. What is it?" He asked as his heart thumped away.

Ramirez collected himself, "Commander we are being hailed on subspace by an unknown alien race. I'm also detecting what appears to be a distress signal," He said.

Ian nodded, "Okay," He said and pulled down the front of his uniform while drinking the coffee. He nearly spit it out because it had gotten cold as he expected and forgotten about. "Put it on screen," He said while smacking his lips together with a facial expression of utter disgust.

=/="Unidentified vessel, we are the Shakii and we are hoping that you can lend a hand. A month ago we found a strange alien device on our planet. We thought it was an artifact left by our ancestors, but it has started what we would consider to be a plague..."=/=

"I'm Lieutenant Commander Ian Ryan of the Federation starship USS Medea," Ian said identifying them.

Ian looked over his shoulder at the operations station then looked at his tactical officer, "Chief?" He asked.

The Chief at the station nodded, "They are two hours away at maximum warp." She answered.

Ian nodded and returned his gaze back onto the viewer, "We will come lend assistance to your people." He responded, "We'll see you in about two hours it would seem."

=/="Thank you."=/=

Ian watched as the viewer blinked out and he yawned, "Please notify the Captain that I need her to come up to her Ready Room." The Commander said and stood up heavily. "I will leave you in command Ensign," He said to the Operations Officer. He stretched his arms and scratched his arm gently before leaving the bridge. Ian was too tired for this...


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